Transinmar, national and international transport

TRANSINMAR, S.C.V. offers you a whole range of specialized services, operating all over the world so that your goods reach their destinations quickly and effectively.  We carry out delivery and receipt of goods by any means of communication.  We arrange all the traffic documents needed for your business.

We are a Spanish independent privately owned company.  Our Head Office is in Ondara (costal border area between Alicante and Valencia), a perfect location to organize the needs of each client the best possible way.

If you choose us, you will find responsible, qualified and experienced staff that will offer you all the answers needed to organize the transport or an application of a transport strategy in all UE countries.  Thanks to our carriers we can meet any demand, from small to full loads.  We make deliveries with tarped lorries, refrigerators and ADR goods.  Both in domestic and international routes, and import and export.

We offer you all guaranties of efficiency and speed on route. We will reach your demands on land, sea and air.  We adapt to your needs.

Professionals at your service

Our priority is the CLIENT, that is why we provide a PERSONAL SERVICE.

C/ Gonzalo Ortola, 12
03760 Ondara
Tel 966 251 044
Fax 902 808 719
ID TELEROUTE – 550015447

international routes to all countries of the European Union.